HDPulse Data Portal - Health Disparities Maps, Graphs and Data Tables

May 16, 2022: This website interface has been updated and data were updated. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.

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About the HDPulse Data Portal

The Data Portal characterizes the burden of disparities across the United States and within communities. Users have the capability to:

  • Use interactive graphics and maps to assess the magnitude of health disparities
  • Explore spatial and temporal trends
  • Identify geographic patterns
  • Examine determinants along a social ecological framework

The Data Portal provides resources to help prioritize the focus of research and public health efforts to reduce disparities and improve minority health.

Recent Releases

  • 2019 YRBS Data
  • 2019 Mortality Data
  • 2019 American Community Survey Data
  • 2018 Cancer Incidence Data
  • 2019/2022 BRFSS Data